Tiger hopes to break Snead record

Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Tiger Woods hopes to break Sam Snead’s PGA Tour record of 82 career victories now that he’s just two behind with his victory in the Tour Championship.

“I’ve still got, I feel like, a chance to play some more golf … and maybe I’ll keep chipping away at that number and maybe surpass it,” said Woods, who ended a five-year-plus title drought with his two-shot win over Billy Horschel at East Lake.

“But I just think that, with what I’ve gone through and what I’ve dealt with, I’ve gotten lucky, to be honest with you. I’ve gotten very lucky. I’m not playing a full contact sport or got to move people around in that regard. At 42 years old with a fused lower spine; that’s not going to happen. But in this sport, it can.” he added

Woods, who turns 43 this December, paid tribute to his support team. “I’m lucky to have the opportunity to have people around me who have supported me and worked through this process with me … and I’ve ground out a chance to win golf tournaments again.”

Asked if his comeback would only really be complete if he won a 15th Major, Woods replied: “No … just to be able to compete and play again this year, that’s a hell of a comeback. As I said, some of the people that are very close to me, they’ve seen what I’ve gone through. They know how hard it was just to get back to playing golf again … and forget the elite level.

“Just be able to play golf again and enjoy being with my kids and living that life. And then lo and behold, I’m able to do this and win a golf tournament,” he said.

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