Majesty Sublime Series: Majestically Sublime

If you’re a casual, non-competitive golfer looking for a premium set designed for ease of use, then check out Majesty’s new premium Sublime series.

The Sublime range features unfettered technological advances, which deliver performance benefits exceeding the limitations set by golf’s governing bodies. Hailed as the lightest design in the company’s history, the series utilises ultra-lightweight materials to enhance feel and distance. From materials to specifications, each club in the range is crafted for the executive golfer seeking sophistication and performance with no limits.

Hailed as Majesty’s ultimate set, the Sublime series features double Gold I.P. 24 karat throughout, reflecting a no-holds-barred pursuit of perfection in aesthetics as well.

The Sublime series clubs are hand-shaped and polished by Majesty’s ‘Takumi’ master craftsmen, resulting in exquisite shaping and fine finishing for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Driver & Fairway Woods

 The Majesty Sublime driver and fairways are highlighted by a TF Spring Titanium face for explosive performance. The clubhead is the lightest in the history of Majesty

Ultra-thin TF Spring Titanium with non-isotropic dispersion of strength enables high ball speeds off the face, even on off-centre strikes. Beautiful-crafted face etching and Spider Web face technology bridges the gap between artistry and performance.

The Sublime metalwoods come with custom-designed premium head covers, constructed using genuine leather.


Majesty’s new Sublime irons are designed to provide discerning golfers with an elevated experience, from distance and feel to spin and control. Classy laser etching detailing and diamond-like carbon finishing create a regal and elegant look.

The ultra-thin steel face, tapered from 1.4mm to 1.8mm, helps golfers generate greater ball speed, even when the ball is not optimally struck. The face of the 9-iron and wedges features high-density grooves for increased spin and precision on approach shots.

Adding to the luxurious look and excellent performance, the drivers, fairways and irons are fitted with a 24-karat gold shaft.


The Majesty Sublime putter is masterfully handcrafted for a confidence-boosting look at address and excellent feel at impact, helping golfers sink more putts for lower scores.

Crafted with a hard chrome body and gold face, the classic-looking blade has a precision-milled alloy steel face, while a gold sightline contrasts nicely with the dark body to create an excellent alignment guide.

Majesty master craftsman Kenzo Sugiyama, who has been making some of the world’s most sought-after clubs for more than half a century, shared what sets Majesty apart from other brands.
“I believe that there are some aspects in which only Majesty has been able to be successful …and these are quality and the desire to always challenge ourselves in new product development.

“Other companies sometimes tried to imitate us, but did not succeed. Some companies give up when they fail … however, we tried many times over even after we failed and that is what made our company what it is today.”

The Majesty Sublime range is available in limited quantities at MST Golf outlets

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