TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedges: Raw Scoring Control

Building upon years of research and working closely with leading tour players, TaylorMade’s Milled Grind 2 (MG2) wedges expand on the success of the Milled Grind franchise while introducing a new raw face for optimal spin and precision.

Similar to its predecessor, TaylorMade’s proven CNC milling technology allows for the production of wedges to exacting specifications; each leading edge and sole grind is individually CNC milled for unparalleled accuracy and consistency, faithfully reproducing the master design.

Raw Face Design

TaylorMade’s engineers have utilised the combination of face and groove design to create optimal spin for excellent short game performance. The Raw Face design produces a more precise geometry designed to optimise spin and feel.

The MG2’s ZTP Raw Grooves are sharper, deeper and narrower with a sharper radius, which – combined with a rougher surface from laser etching between the grooves – helps create more friction between the clubface and the ball for more spin. Compared with plated grooves, the Raw Face design’s increased friction reduces the ability for the golf ball to potentially skid up the clubface before it grips the face, leading to more consistent ball flights.

“Our tour players have long benefited from the performance raw wedges offer and it’s great to now be able to offer these performance gains to golfers of all levels. We’re confident they will enjoy the look, feel and performance that a raw face has to offer,” said Bill Price, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, putters & wedges.

Unique to the MG2, each raw wedge head features an air-tight 3M adhesive sticker on the face to prevent rusting before use. When the sticker is removed, the face immediately begins oxidising to start the rusting process.

Thick-Thin Head

To create optimal feel, the geometry of the clubhead has been tweaked to create a Thick-Thin Head Design using a design optimisation tool – previously only used in the metalwood and irons design processes. This tool illustrated that a thicker backing combined with a thin outer section optimised frequency and duration for the desired sound and feel.

The face thickness has increased from 5.1mm in MG1 to 6.5mm in MG2. To enable a thicker clubhead without adding weight, mass was moved by creating a TPU Insert in the back cavity. The insert also dampens vibration to create a solid, positive feel at impact.

CNC Milling

The implementation of machining technology, first introduced in Milled Grind wedges but more recently in the new P•7TW irons, enables each leading edge and sole grind to be individually CNC milled. The CNC tolerances of a milled sole far exceed what a human can do in a repeatable fashion, thus enabling each wedge to be replicated without variance.

The sole geometry, consisting of contour, angle and surface area, is also designed and maintained to exacting tolerances so that the wedge interacts with the turf in the desired manner.

 The MG2 wedges are available in satin chrome and matte black finishes, in standard (SB) and low effective bounce (LB) sole grinds. The stock shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, while the standard grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Burgundy 360.

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