Majesty Royale Range: Royal Performance

Majesty Golf has launched their latest premium line of clubs with the new Royale family, designed for distance with control.

Distance has always been a characteristic of Majesty’s offerings and the new Royale line-up builds on that while focusing on a lower CG design, paired with a lower torque shaft to achieve distance with control.

ROYALE DRIVER: The Fine Spider Web Face is a refined web design that allows for a 30% larger sweet spot than its predecessor. This results in increased distance, even for mishits across the clubface.

Meanwhile, Triple Honeycomb Technology – a 3-piece structure engineered using a lightweight and highly rigid honeycomb design – allows residual weight to be strategically repositioned within the clubhead. This creates extremely low and deep CG, resulting in unparalleled stability.

Majesty’s craftsmen start designing all Majesty clubs with a wooden master, which allows them to create fluid lines enhancing the contour and shape of the clubhead.

The Flow Impact Shaft boasts Majesty’s double bias technology which utilises two layers of high elasticity carbon wrapped around the bias area of the shaft. This minimises the torsion of the shaft which allowed Majesty engineers to slightly lengthen the shaft for greater distance without sacrificing control.

SRP: RM5,250

ROYALE FAIRWAY WOOD: The fairways combine a Forged Dat 55 G Face with the refined spider web structure from the driver design, creating a larger sweet spot for more consistent distance across the face with excellent feel.

The clubhead has a lightweight titanium crown and tungsten alloy sole to promote higher trajectories and greater stability. The new Royale fairway also has a deeper CG than previous models. This construction results in a lower CG and higher MOI for extra distance and superb stability.

SRP: RM3,250

ROYALE UTILITY: The high-grade TSP 910 Titanium Cup Face works with the same refined spider web design in the driver and fairways to allow Majesty’s engineers to create an extremely thin face for greater repulsion across the face. This results in additional distance and stability even on mishits.

The clubhead is designed with a high strength maraging custom body and a high density tungsten weight, which lowers the CG location resulting in increased MOI.

SRP: RM2,590

ROYALE IRONS: The Royale Irons have maraging steel faces which are only 1.5mm thick, resulting in increased ball speeds across the face. The face is welded to the body from the sides, allowing for more forgiveness.

The multi-piece construction of the clubhead incorporates a repulsion groove, which runs from the toe to the heel on the inside of the sole. This groove also helps in the repulsion and creates greater shot consistency across the face.

The Tungsten Atomic Joint, a special type of welding, joins the tungsten alloy to the custom 450 body structure. This joint design allows the CG to be lowered, thus increasing MOI and resulting in an extremely forgiving iron.

An Oversize Progressive Design incorporates progressive offset in the hosel, which increases the launch angle and create more forgiveness. The Hard Chrome IP finish gives the irons a beautiful appearance, while providing remarkable durability and strength.

SRP (6-9, P, S): RM13,800. The Majesty Royale range is available at selected MST Golf stores

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