Yamaha RMX 2020 Range: ‘Boostring’ Performance

Yamaha has launched the newest iteration of their popular RMX (Remix) line-up with the RMX 2020 range.

During the design process, Yamaha’s engineers went back to the drawing board to create the whole RMX 2020 range from scratch with an emphasis on maximising distance. This resulted in Yamaha’s latest Boostring technology being implemented in the RMX 2020 drivers, woods and utility clubs, whereas the RMX 2020 irons were improved through the use of new materials and upgrades in the manufacturing process.

Boostring Technology

On larger clubheads, Yamaha realised that the deflection points were uneven across the face, which resulted in loss of energy and prevented maximum ball speed from being achieved. The solution to this is the new Boostring technology, which is a ring-shaped vertically-oriented rib near the face. The rib limits deformation of the clubhead, which evens out deflection across the clubface and results in reduction of energy loss, increased ball speed and greater consistency.

RMX 2020 Driver: The RMX 220 driver is equipped with Boostring Technology which results in higher ball speeds for more distance. The new driver has a very high MOI which is close to the upper limits of the current rules in place. This high MOI makes the RMX 2020 driver head the most stable in Yamaha RMX history.

RMX 2020 Fairway Woods & Utilities: The RMX fairway woods and utility clubs also feature Boostring Technology, which helps to maximise ball speed on hits across the face consistently.

On top of this, the new RMX fairway woods and utility clubs have improved sole designs from the previous iterations, which results in better sole interaction. The head design is now shallower, which closes the distance between the centre of the clubface and the hitting point. This change also helps to increase ball speed.

Yamaha has also concentrated the weight of the sole to both the face and rear of the clubhead in order to achieve higher MOI, which results in improved stability.

RMX 020 Iron: The RMX 020 irons are limited to only 1,500 sets worldwide and are authentic soft-forged irons manufactured using an annealing process to optimise feel. Yamaha uses the same annealing process used for Japanese sword-making.

The RMX 020 irons were designed with input from Yamaha’s touring professionals and ambassadors, including 2019 Japan Golf Tour money list winner Shugo Imahira. These irons are thus more suited for better golfers. Updates to the sole design using Yamaha’s new Active Sole improve turf interaction for a wider range of players than before.

RMX 120 Irons: The RMX 120 irons are Yamaha’s high-performance tour model, combining workability with forgiveness and distance. Unlike the annealing forging used in the RMX 020 irons, the RMX 120 is made of Chromium-Molybdenum steel which is an extremely workable steel in the way it hardens through the casting process. These properties make it possible for the golf clubs to be designed with thinner, more lightweight faces that enable lower CG locations and improved repulsion.

Another advantage of Chromium-Molybdenum steel is that the hardness is similar to soft-forged steel and allows for the same adjustments to be made.

RMX 220 Irons: Yamaha’s RMX 220 irons are the most forgiving and longest in the RMX 2020 line-up. The RMX 220 features a thinner sole and face for higher repulsion and longer distance.

The club face also has a varying thickness design, which helps ensure greater forgiveness and less distance loss on off-centre shots.

RMX Driver – RM3,320 / RMX Fairway – RM1,750 / RMX Utility – RM1,450

RMX 020 Irons (5-9, P) – RM5,990 (steel) / RMX 120 Irons (5-9, P) – RM4,950 (steel) / RMX 220 (5-9, P) – RM4,950 (steel) / RMX 220 (5-9, P) – RM5,350 (graphite)

Available at MST Golf stores nationwide

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