PXG 0311 ST Irons: Pure Tour Blades

PXG just had to make a pure tour blade … and, being PXG, they took it up another level with the new 0311 ST irons.

The 0311 ST irons are a striking example of precision engineering. Triple forged to tighten the grain structure and 100% CNC milled to perfect every surface, curve and angle, these solid-bodied tour blades are designed for better golfers.

“PXG 0311 ST Irons feel wonderful, are incredibly consistent and surprisingly easy to hit,” said Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of Parsons Xtreme Golf.

Precision Engineered

ST stands for ‘Super Tour’, which hits the proverbial nail on the spot as the ST 0311 irons go through a CNC milling process to ensure that every line, curve and angle are produced to exacting specifications. This tight tolerance in production results in consistent performance, which is vital for good ball strikers who want advanced shot-making.

High Grade Material

The 8620 soft carbon steel used in the 0311 ST is forged five times to tighten the grain structure, then 100% milled for precision. This strong yet soft alloy helps to prolong the life of the grooves and enhances the appearance of the club over time.

Perimeter Weighting Technology

The 0311 ST irons feature a modifiable weighting system which is unique to PXG. Positioned on the back, lower flange, each club has three titanium weights positioned in the mid-section and multiple heavier tungsten weights placed in the heel and toe to help create optimal launch conditions.

Fabulous Finish

Each club head is NiCr plated for corrosion resistance and features an anti-glare finish to minimise distractions at address.

Thinner Sole / Shorter Blade Length

A short blade length, thin topline and minimal offset enhance workability and give accomplished golfers more control over the club face.

Performance Characteristics

Designed to support the needs of advanced golfers, the 0311 ST irons deliver lower launch, higher spin and more control.

SRP: RM3,190 per club

Available only via custom fitting at the PXG Performance Studio, MST Golf Super Store PJ (Federal Highway)

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