Titleist Vokey Design SM8 Wedges: Giant CG-Shift Forward

Set to hit stores on March 6, the new Vokey Design SM8 models are the result of master wedgemaker Bob Vokey’s relentless mission to create better performing, better feeling wedges.

Vokey’s ground-breaking Progressive Centre of Gravity (CG) design concept, which originated in SM6 and was refined with SM7, experiences one giant shift forward in the SM8 with the CG moved forward to a position that actually hovers in front of the wedge face. The result is improved distance and trajectory control, better feel and increased stability for more consistent results.

These advancements, along with six tour-proven sole grinds and 100% inspected Spin Milled grooves – have already made Vokey SM8 the most played wedge model on the PGA Tour, continuing Vokey’s run as the #1 wedge on tour since 2004.

Vokey SM8 wedges are available in four finishes – Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black, plus the tour-preferred Raw (custom order only).

Reimagined Progressive CG

Vokey’s Progressive CG design aligns the CG with the impact position – lower in the low lofts, higher in the high lofts – for better trajectory and distance control. SM8 pushes the CG forward while maintaining the vertical CG position to create a more consistent, better-feeling strike.

To achieve this, Vokey’s team lengthened the hosels and counterbalanced that with high-density tungsten low in the toe. This high, forward CG position boosts MOI and produces a more solid feel with improved ball flight, while making it easy to square the face at impact.

Refined Sole Grind Options

Vokey’s six tour-proven sole grinds – F, S, M, K, L and D – allow golfers of all skill levels to be precisely fit for their swing type (steep, neutral, shallow), shot style and course conditions (firm, neutral, soft). SM8 continues to feature the most complete line-up of grind, bounce and loft options, giving players of any level the ability to create multiple shots around the green.

The D Grind has been extended to the 54.12 and 56.12 SM8 models, providing players with versatile mid to high bounce sand wedge options.

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price): Steel – RM728 / Graphite – RM808  (Available March 6)

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