PXG 0311 Gen3 Irons: Fab New Gen

PXG’s new 0311 Gen3 irons feature the ground-breaking Impact Reactor Technology to increase ball speed while generating excellent feel.

The 0311 Gen3 irons are made from top-quality 8620 soft carbon steel, which is forged to tighten the grain structure using five separate sets of tooling.

Perimeter Weighting Technology

The new irons feature PXG’s signature Perimeter Weighting Technology, a proprietary weighting system which optimises mass properties to support exceptional launch conditions and an enhanced MOI. Each clubhead features nine weights made of lightweight titanium or heavier tungsten.

Impact Reactor Technology

Impact Reactor Technology consists of a DualCOR system that fuses a high-strength polymer outer core with a soft polymer inner core that delivers maximum energy to the ball at impact. The outer core provides increased structural stability to support an extremely thin, high-performance HT1770 maraging steel face which, at a mere 0.058” (approx. 1.5mm), is the thinnest face in golf.

These features help increase load time to increase ball speed and distance, while maintaining a soft yet solid feel.

Robotic Laser Welding & Polishing

Robotic Laser Welding expands the functional face area and increases forgiveness on mishits. The process reduces the heat affected zone and provides a high-strength attachment method.

An industry-leading Robotic Polishing process virtually eliminates all inconsistencies in the sole and face geometries.

Precision Milling and Superior Finishing

The back surface of the clubhead is CNC milled to create an incredibly precise, thin-walled body design. The clubs are then finished using a new Satin Nickel/Chrome Plating process that improves long-term wear and durability, while reducing glare.

Triple Treat

The PXG 0311 Gen3 irons are available in three different head shapes, catering to all levels of golfers.

Tour Performance: Allows for excellent workability and distance control and will appeal to highly skilled golfers.

Players: Provides an ideal balance of playability and forgiveness, thus appealing to a wide range of golfers.

Xtreme Performance: On the extreme high end of the game improvement scale, fully optimised for distance and forgiveness – as PXG founder Bob Parsons puts, its sweet spot is larger than Texas!

SRP: RM2,090 per head at MST Golf stores  

Custom fitting sessions available at MST Golf Tech Shops

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