Wilson Duo Soft+ Balls: Soft Is Long

Wilson’s latest generation of its highly-rated Duo line of golf balls, the Duo Soft+, is touted as the world’s softest and longest premium two-piece golf ball.

The Duo Soft+ features a VelocitiCOR core for supercharged performance. Advanced materials in the core of the ball extract and amplify every ounce of power from the swing, resulting in more consistency and greater distance.

The Duo Soft+ golf ball exhibited the lowest golf ball compression value in tests of all soft golf balls in the market performed in April 2019 at the Wilson Innovation Centre in Chicago. The highest speed claim is based upon internal flight testing performed at the test facility in Humboldt, Tennessee last May with clubhead speeds of 90mph.

The Duo family of golf balls has been engineered to deliver distance, feel and consistency you demand.

SRP: RM98 at MST Golf outlets

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