Callaway Chrome Soft & Chrome Soft X: Next Level New Gen

Callaway’s next generation Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X golf balls are designed to elevate performance to the next level.

Both models have been fully redesigned to promote more speed and distance, while maintaining the great feel and spin characteristics they are renowned for.

Chrome Soft

A redesigned Dual SoftFast core with a 34% larger volume inner core and a thinner, graphene-infused outer core promotes fast ball speed and increased wedge spin. The new mantle system formulated of proprietary, high-energy ionomer promotes fast ball speed.

Meanwhile, a 10% thinner urethane cover promotes less spin on full shots to increase distance while maintaining soft feel and excellent greenside spin and control.

The new lower drag aerodynamic dimple pattern promotes higher launch, higher flight and longer distance.

Chrome Soft X

A significantly larger SoftFast core promotes faster ball speed, while a 15% thinner cover lowers spin on full shots to promote distance.

The new mantle system combines a softer inner mantle with a firmer outer mantle, both consisting of proprietary ionomer blends, to promote faster ball speed. The outer mantle works with the new, thinner cover to promote increased greenside spin and control.

The new lower drag aerodynamic dimple pattern promotes a penetrating flight and longer distance.

The new Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X are prime examples of the rewards Callaway is reaping from its continued commitment to improving its golf ball manufacturing plant in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Upwards of US$50 million has been invested over the past several years to revitalise the facility by incorporating modern machinery and materials.

SRP: RM289 per dozen

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