Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges: Cutting-Edge Performance With Traditional Looks

Cleveland Golf’s latest flagship wedge, the RTX ZipCore, takes short game performance to new levels with radically new technology in an ultra-familiar look.

Shane Lowry (Photo by Getty Images)

On the inside, the new core unlocks design freedoms to push performance beyond any wedge in Cleveland Golf’s history. On the outside, the sleek yet traditional head has a familiar, confidence-inspiring look.

“Cleveland wedges are always just beautiful looking clubs, and this one is no different,” said 2019 Open champion Shane Lowry. “They’re very traditional and I just love them. You need to be able to trust what your wedges are going to do, and RTX ZipCore does everything I need it to do. I couldn’t ask for anything else in a wedge.”

Jeff Brunski, Cleveland Golf’s vice president of R&D, noted: “The new RTX ZipCore is a technological leap forward for Cleveland wedges. We’ve inserted a low-density core inside the clubhead, allowing us to create a wedge with unprecedented consistency and exceptional feel. They also feature our tour-proven grinds and most aggressive groove technology to date – all packaged in a sleek yet traditional design.”

ZipCore Technology: Better Overall Performance
The unique, low-density core shifts the centre of gravity to an optimum position, while also boosting high-low MOI for more stability high and low on the wedge face.
The result is more impact on the sweet spot for more consistent spin, distance and feel on every shot.

UltiZip Grooves: Maximum Spin
Cleveland’s new UltiZip Grooves deliver maximum spin performance. They bite harder, channel more debris away and are placed closer together for more groove contact.
Compared to the previous generations, the grooves are 11% sharper, 7.3% deeper and 7.4% closer together (which allows for two extra grooves per face). These factors combine to generate increased spin and consistent spin performance from any condition.

Heat Treatment: Longer-Lasting Performance
A new heat treatment process increases ZipCore’s durability, preserving the lifespan of the grooves and maintaining spin performance. The treatment rearranges the 8620 carbon steel’s crystalline grain structure, eliminating impurities and reducing brittleness to make it more uniform and durable.

Lofts & Sole Grinds
RTX ZipCore wedges are offered in a wide variety of lofts and sole grinds. The Mid Sole grind is offered in 46 through 60 degrees, the Low Sole grind is offered in 56 through 62 degrees, and the Full Sole grind is offered in 54 through 60 degrees.

Low Sole:  Low bounce, C-shaped grind features relief on the heel, toe, and trailing edge for superior versatility around the greens.
Mid Sole: V-shaped sole, which cuts smoothly through turf, features trailing edge relief, keeping the leading edge low on open face shots.
Full Sole: Classic design offering stability on full shots, while adding extra bounce when the face is opened for bunker and rough shots.
Additionally, golfers have access to RTX ZipCore’s Tour Rack Wedges, identical to those used on tour by the world’s best golfers. Custom sole grinds can also be created for those who want wedges which are fully customised for their personal short game styles and preferences.

Tour-Authentic Components
The RTX ZipCore wedges come standard with the new True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft and the most popular grip in golf today, Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360.

The Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft provides stability, control and consistency, while helping golfers generate extra spin and pinpoint stopping power.

The Tour Velvet 360 grip combines a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for superb playability and comfort.

The stock RTX ZipCore wedges are available in Tour Satin and Black Satin finishes, while the Tour Rack models come in pro-preferred Tour Raw.

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