Titleist Vokey Design SM6 Wedges


The new Vokey Design SM6 Wedges represent the next step in wedge innovation from the category leader and establish a new performance standard by improving three key areas of wedge play: distance gapping, shot versatility and spin control.

Vokey_SM6_Machine_ShopAlready the most played wedge model on the PGA Tour, Vokey SM6 wedges provide precise distance control, enhanced shot versatility, along with superb spin and feel.

“These are the best wedges we’ve ever made,” said Master Craftsman Bob Vokey. “Our engineers have taken everything I’ve learned working with tour players, PGA pros and amateurs over the last 20-plus years, everything (Vokey Tour Rep) Aaron Dill has learned from being on tour week in and week out, and brought it to life with technology that will help golfers at every level of the game. SM6 really is the total package.”

Progressive Centre of Gravity Technology

Engineered using cutting-edge CAD technology, this visible and ground-breaking technology aligns the CG with the impact position of each loft to produce precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel.

SM6_Progressive_CG_2100x1475_300_RGBLow lofts (46º-52º): Low CG that increases ball speed on average by 1.5mph (3-5 yards), while providing a precisely aligned progression from a typical iron set. This visible technology is highlighted by a thinner topline and raised lower section.

Mid lofts (54º & 56º): Mid CG position, precisely aligned between the low lofts and high lofts, that provides precise distance gapping and exceptional feel.

High lofts (58º-62º): High CG position for tighter distance dispersion, improved trajectory control and better feel. The high CG position is precisely aligned with the impact position of high lofted wedges, higher on the face. This is visible technology, highlighted by a raised upper section.

Five Tour-Validated Sole Grinds

Vokey’s five tour-validated SM6 sole grinds have been fine-tuned through his work with the world’s best shot makers, providing golfers of all skill levels with improved shot versatility for their swing type, shot making style and course conditions. All five SM6 grinds (L, M, S, F, K) are currently in play across the worldwide professional tours.

Spin Milled TX4 Grooves

The new proprietary Spin Milled TX4 grooves and face texture deliver more spin (up to 200rpm more spin on average) with more consistent spin control. The TX4 grooves are engineered with a machine milled, parallel face texture that creates a sharper, more consistent groove edge.

TX4 grooves feature two groove geometries: a narrower, deeper groove for the 46º-54º lofts; and a wider, shallower groove in the 56º-62º lofts.  The parallel face texture and progressive groove geometries optimize ball-to-groove edge contact, producing more spin and control around the greens.


Lofts: 46º to 62º

Finishes: Tour Chrome, Steel Gray and Jet Black (raw).

SRP: RM765

Note: SM6 wedges can be custom-ordered with a wide range of specifications and personalization, including an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands, ferrules, stamping and paint fill.


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