MGA announces national squads for 2015

The Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) has announced its national squads  for 2015 comprising 15 elite players and 18 back-up players.

Galven Green

Galven Green

According to the MGA, the teams were determined using their Order of Merit (based on stroke average over 43 junior and amateur, local and international events held in 2014), the World Amateur Golf Rankings and the National Trials.

“Our trial was held over six days at Ayer Keroh Country Club which tested the mettle and fitness of our players who will be carrying our Jalur Gemilang in this year’s SEA Games, Nomura Cup and the South East Asian Amateur Golf Team Championship for the Putra Cup, Lion City Cup, Santi Cup and Kartini Cup,” said Low Teck San, chairman of the national team sub-committee. “I really like our mix of players and we are looking forward to show to the golfing fraternity how far our players have gone in terms of their maturity and skills.”

“Our players are young compared to their contemporaries in the Asian region, the eldest is 21 in the men’s team and 20 in the ladies’ team,” added Low. “However, gauging by their performance in 2014 with strong desires to bring honour to the country, I believe our young players will live up to the Association’s and country’s expectations.”

The MGA also announced the 2015 national junior squad members.

2015 MGA National Squads

Elite Men:

1. Galven Kendall Green 

2. Chan Tuck Soon 

3. Daeng Abdul Rahman 

4. Bryan TeohWiyang 

5. Amir Nazrin 

6. Ervin Chang 

7. Alvin Hiew

Elite Ladies

1. Nur Durriyah Damian

2. Ashley Lau Jen Wen

3. Nur Eliana Ariffin

4.Winnie Ng Yu Xuan

5. Loy Hee Ying

6. Natasha Andrea Oon

7. Siti Zulaikhaa Shaari

8. Kelie Kan Kah Yan

Back-Up Boys 

1. KhavishVarman Varadan 

2. Muhammad DanialFaidz 

3. AaerishnaShahsthy 

4. Muhammad Afif Muhd Fathi 

5. Suzairi Iqmah Rahim

6. Muhammad Zulhelmi Ramle

7. Victor Ng Ku Yai 

8. Rhaasrikanesh Kanavathi

9. Yong Fatt Hoe

10. Lee Chong Li

Back-Up Girls

1. QistinaBalqisAzhar

2. Tham SootYuet

3. Nur SyazaniAmalia Shahzan

4. Geraldine Wong Xiao Xuan

5. Warda Amira Abd Rawof

6. Junie Khaw Wen Jun

7. Raeysha Surendran

8. Allycia Gan Pheik Wen


National Junior Squad:


1. Casper Loh, 16

2. Irfan Syahmi Norsharudin, 16

3. Anslem Gan Hsien Jhe, 16

4. Aqil Afiq Rosli, 14

5. Eldrick Chong Ming Loong, 15

6. Lim Beng Kiat, 15

7. Christopher Daniel James, 14

8. Feirish Nor Feizal Nor, 12

9. Aloysius Lee Chun Yin, 15

10. Foo Tee Hong, 15

11. Chai Cheng Teck, 15

12. Marcus Lim Pang Chuen, 13


1. Samantha Chong, 16

2. Farhatul Munirah Mohd Dah, 16

3. Nurdiyana Aqilah Khalim, 15

4. Liyana Durisic, 14

5. Zulaikah Nurziana Nasser, 13

6. Nur Aini Azman, 16

7. Tammy Pan Jia Yee, 16

8. Megan Lee Zehui, 14

9. Noraisha Alisa Che Omar, 15

10. Charlayne Chong Shin Ling, 13

11. Siti Sarah Feizal Nor, 15

12. Jacqueline Mojulat Nickels, 16

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