Nippon Golf Tech awarded distributorship for Grindworks wedges and A.Japa shafts

Nippon Golf Tech Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the distributor for Grindworks wedges and A.Japa shafts in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Emery Japan's Niimi Kiyonari wth Nippon Golf Tech's Rodney Chan

Emery Japan’s Niimi Kiyonari wth Nippon Golf Tech’s Rodney Chan

The distribution agreement with Okinawa-based boutique manufacturer Emery Japan Co., Ltd was formalised on July 24 at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, in conjunction with the official opening of the Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation’s representative office in the island republic. The event was attended by a high-ranking delegation from the Okinawa prefectural authority, including governor Takeshi Onaga, along with representatives from more than a dozen Okinawa-based companies.

“I think the potential for Grindworks wedges in Southeast Asia is fantastic because golfers in this region appreciate quality clubs and designs that help improve their games,” said Niimi Kiyonari, the chief executive officer of Emery Japan.

“They want to have fun on the golf course and at the same time shoot lower scores – having the right wedges will help them achieve both those goals,” he added.

Launched early this year, Grindworks’ wedges are made from SUS218 stainless steel alloy which has a high content of nickel and chromium to increase durability while retaining feel. Numerous loft, bounce and grind combinations are available to suit all player levels, playing styles and personal preferences, along with a wide array of customization options in shafts, finishes and cosmetics.

“We went into production early this year with our first batch of wedges being showcased at the Japan Golf Fair in February. The response has been very positive both from the domestic Japanese golf market as well as from overseas buyers who attended the Tokyo show,” said Kiyonari.

Emery Japan - Nippon Golf Tech - July 2015

A.Japa shafts are manufactured from premium high-modulus carbon and feature a reinforced butt section, which stabilizes directional performance and increases torque for better feel. The new Multi.Axis range includes a left-handed shaft where the high-modulus carbon is rolled and angled in the opposite direction as a standard shaft.

“Golf is very much about feel and A.Japa shafts are created to enhance feel and fit a player’s swing – not the other way around where a player must adapt his swing to suit the shaft,” explained Kiyonari.

Nippon Golf Tech’s business director Rodney Chan noted that golfers will be impressed by the quality and performance of the Grindworks wedges and A.Japa shafts.

“The Grindworks wedges and A.Japa shafts are not only made from premium materials to the highest manufacturing standards, but are also designed to perform exceptionally well for all levels of golfers,” he noted.

“We’re really excited about the new products and will be working closely with leading clubfitters and retailers to introduce them to Malaysian golfers.”

For more information, contact Nippon Golf Tech at Tel: +603-7733 4788 / Email:

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