OnOff Kuro Forged Irons: Inspired By Shingo

OnOff’s new Kuro (Black) Forged Irons feature a design inspired by Japanese legend Shingo Katayama.

Katayama’s design input results in a straight and thicker top which makes it easy to line up the clubhead and take aim. Reflecting a trend in Japanese irons, the sharp edges and profile of the head shape provide a sense of confidence at address.

Super-Soft Feel: Taking into consideration the core designs of modern golf balls, the irons are forged from S20C steel and finished with soft double nickel plating for excellent feel. The impact zone has been made thicker to further enhance the super-soft feel at impact.

Gravity Control Design: Optimal weight distribution helps create a larger sweetspot for more consistent strikes and accurate trajectories. A lower CG makes it easier to launch the ball, especially in the longer irons.

V Cavity Design: The structure of the cavity differs from iron to iron, which changes the weight distribution and moves the sweetspot higher in the shorter irons. The 5-iron has a centered sweet spot for easier launches, while the 9-iron has a higher sweetspot for a penetrating trajectory.

Tungsten Weights: 7g tungsten weights are placed in both the toe and heel positions to expand the sweetspot, resulting in more forgiveness and playability.

Standard Lofts & Specialty Wedge: Standard loft settings of 26⁰ for the 5 iron and 4-degree variances between subsequent clubs further enhance consistency. At Katayama’s advice, the standard pitching wedge is substituted by a 46⁰ specialty wedge designed for spin, control and versatility.

Laser Milling: The face is laser milled to crate consistent spin performance even in wet weather or from deep rough, resulting in more consistent and predictable spin and carry.

Steel shaft – NSPro 950 GH: This popular steel shaft features exceptional balance and control. Its ultra-lightweight design, comparable to graphite, makes it easy to swing the club.

Graphite shaft – Daiwa Smooth Kick MP-7171: Using Daiwa’s industry-leading carbon technology, this mid/high kick shaft is specially designed to match each iron to provide optimal trajectories and directional control.

Suggested Retail Price (4-9, P): Steel – RM5,700  / Graphite – RM6,800. Available at MST Golf outlets.

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