Paradise Of Mie

Mie Prefecture, Japan

Throw in some spectacular golf courses, intriguing age-old tradition of women free-divers and the freshest seafood together and you get an unforgettably unique Japanese holiday in Mie Prefecture

Part of the Chubu region on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Mie Prefecture offers many interesting places to visit – as well as a number of fantastic ‘must-play’ golf courses.

Comprising five distinct geographical areas and a coastline that stretches 1,095km, this prefecture is well-known for its abundant fresh seafood, the annual F1 race at Suzuka Circuit and as the venue of the G7 summit in 2016. The prefecture, specifically Toba city, is also famous for its women free-divers called ‘Ama’ (which means ‘sea women’), who dive to depths of 25 metres without using any breathing apparatus – instead relying solely on their skills and special breathing techniques – for oyster cultivation and to collect abalone, spiny lobster and other seafood using their bare hands.

Traveling to Japan is convenient with numerous airlines providing connectivity from Kuala Lumpur. I, along with a couple of other members of the media, arrived in Osaka early in the morning and transferred via train to Mie Prefecture that took approximately one and a half hours.

Upon arrival we were grouped together with other tour operators and were shuttled to Mikimoto Pearl Island, where pearls are cultured by Kokichi Mikimoto. It’s also a theme park now with a Pearl Museum, Memorial Hall and Pearl Plaza – just the place for pearl lovers!

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