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Your weekly time-off’s almost here, and you’re scrambling to concoct a fun-filled weekend with the fam – something that lets you unwind, soak in the surrounding nature, have that long overdue picnic perhaps? Well, look no further peeps – we have just the thing for you! When was the last time you basked in the glory of cool, pristine waterfalls? And get this – the following are all within 90 minutes’ drive from KL city! (Reminder: Food attracts monkeys and they ain’t shy, so watch out for them mischievous buggers!)

©Getty Images/Mohd Rasfan

TOP 5 WATERFALLS (within 2 hours of KL city)


Just a 20-minute drive from KL city will bring you to Kanching, a lush, gorgeous seven-tier waterfall that comprises pools, cascades and vertical falls – so naturally the place tends to get overcrowded on weekends and school/public holidays. Located just off Jalan Rawang near Templer Park, the falls is part of the Kanching Recreational Forest, so get ready to feast your eyes upon arresting, therapeutic flora and fauna – and of course, the cool, refreshing and pristine water.


Gabai Falls, located near Hulu Langat about an hour’s drive from KL city, is popular with the locals (so it’s crowded on weekends and school/public holidays), but relatively unknown to tourists. The first cascade is not far from the carpark, which you can get to on a cemented path, and there’s also a bridge which will connect you to the other side across the stream near the second cascade. Great for family picnics as there are gazebos on site. Cemented steps lead to the upper regions of the falls where there are nice, inviting pools.


Located between Selayang and Ulu Yam within the Sungai Tua Recreational Forest Reserve, the Sungai Tua Falls is great for bathing, picnics and barbecues in the company of natural, calming pools and unspoilt forest. If you’re into camping, Sungai Tua has a camp site as well. A suspension bridge takes you across the large stream that feeds the waterfall. If you’re looking to satiate those hunger pangs, there’s the River Stone Eco and Nur Laman Bestari Eco Resorts nearby where you could enjoy a lovely meal.


Touted as the most beautiful falls in Selangor, Chiling comprises three separate vertical falls and is located in a reserve called the Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, on the path to Fraser’s Hill. To reach the mother falls, you have to pass six river crossings; the water is waist-deep and the current can get strong. The journey takes you fairly deep into the jungle, so get that camera ready ‘cos you’re bound to encounter wildlife. The camp site is located at the base of the falls. (Note: Open to public from Fridays to Sundays only.)


The journey to Chamang Falls, located near Bentong in Pahang about 90 minutes’ drive from KL city via the Karak Expressway, is a picturesque one, so enjoy the little ‘road trip’. You will be rewarded with thundering cascades and gushing rapids that’ll make your heart race with excitement. Crossing the suspension bridge across the rapids is an adventure in itself. Ample parking is available here, along with camp sites, basic barbecue facilities and gazebos, enabling lovely picnics with your loved ones. Changing rooms and toilets are available here too.

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