Tun Ahmad Sarji becomes patron of Asian Tour

Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid has accepted an invitation to become a Patron of the Asian Tour.

Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid (R) and Asian Tour's Irfan Hamid

Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid (R) and Asian Tour’s Irfan Hamid

Tun Ahmad played an instrumental role towards the successful launch and staging of the EurAsia Cup in 2014 and 2016. The Ryder Cup-styled match between Team Asia and Team Europe is sanctioned and organised by the Asian Tour and European Tour. PGM is the local facilitator of the event.

A former chief secretary to the government, Tun Ahmad has also passionately driven the growth and development of professional golf in Malaysia through the creation of the PGM Tour in 2010.

The rise of golf in Malaysia was evident when the nation’s leading golfers, Danny Chia and Gavin Green, qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro last month. Chia and Nicholas Fung also represented Team Asia in this year’s EurAsia Cup.

Asian Tour commissioner Kyi Hla Han said: “We are honoured and grateful that Tun Ahmad Sarji has accepted our invitation to become a Patron of the Asian Tour. He has played a significant role towards the success of the EurAsia Cup while the development of professional golf in Malaysia has indeed flourished through his vision and passion for the game.

“Tun Ahmad Sarji will add an incredible amount of knowledge and sporting expertise to the Asian Tour through an ambassadorial capacity and I am convinced his patronage and support will positively impact the growth and development of Asian golf. His outstanding leadership in the sporting arena in Malaysia is well documented and our Board of Directors is excited, honoured and privileged that Tun Ahmad Sarji has given his blessings for us to include him as a Patron of the Asian Tour.”

Tun Ahmad Sarji, 78, has been involved with other sporting associations such as cricket and lawn bowls in Malaysia but golf holds dear to his heart. He was recently awarded the “Tokoh Sukan Negara”, which is the nation’s sports leadership award.

“I am honoured and proud the Asian Tour has invited me to become a Patron. With the way professional golf is growing so rapidly in Asia, I hope to contribute towards the betterment of the game in the region,” he said. “I intend to engage with the Board of Directors to offer my views so that the Asian Tour continues to drive forward with the expansion of the game to impact the careers of its members, further raise the standard of Asian golf and grow the sport in emerging nations.

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