PXG Blackjack Putter: Optimal Stability and Forgiveness

PXG’s new mallet-style Blackjack Putter is fully optimised for stability and forgiveness on every stroke, marking the first release in the company’s new Battle Ready Collection.

“From MOI and CG location to balance and stability, we’ve optimised absolutely everything on our new Blackjack Putter,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “Since putts account for roughly 40 percent of shots taken, why not put the odds in your favour with PXG’s Blackjack Putter?”

The 100% milled Blackjack Putter introduces a new bi-material construction, integrating aerospace-grade aluminum with high-density tungsten to support a deep centre of gravity (CG) location. By locating the CG farther away from the face, it is more difficult for a player to twist the face angle off its natural path during the stroke. This improves the player’s ability to deliver the face square at impact.

The new variable-sized, pyramid face pattern with groove depth is optimised to increase the centre hit velocity. The design also helps ensure consistency in all significant factors that affect roll, including initial ball velocity, launch angle, spin rates and skid distance.

Large sole weights made of heavier tungsten and lighter titanium enable golfers to optimise clubhead mass and bias. These weights, offered in 5g, 10g (standard), 15g and 20g options, are easily adjustable.

With an overall adjustable weight range of 330g to 445g, the Blackjack’s assembled mass is further defined by the PXG hosel chosen. The putter comes in three hosel types – heel-shafted, double bend and plumber’s neck – to suit any stroke.

The sole of the Blackjack features PXG’s iconic Darkness Insignia, a skull with the number 26 that commemorates Parsons’ service as a rifleman with the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

SRP: RM2,690
Available exclusively at MST Golf Tech Shops

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