Biz On Course aims for steady expansion with focus on quality membership base and growing business opportunities

Pre-game presentation during the 36th Biz On Course game on September 30

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, golf-centric business networking platform Biz On Course is bullish about the future. With membership numbers growing at a steady rate, founder Dahniel Poon is confident that they will exceed the hundred mark by the end of the year.

“The number of new members joining us every month is growing. We had nine new members last month and should exceed 100 by the year’s end, barring unforeseen circumstances,” said Poon, who established Biz On Course in 2017 after seeing the need for a golf networking platform where business comes first.

While it has not exactly been an exponential increase, Poon noted that he is satisfied with the network’s steady growth. “I’m happy with how the Biz On Course membership is growing. It’s the quality of the network that we are looking at, not so much the quantity.

“So far, there have been more than 50 projects and deals concluded between members of Biz On Course. Some of our members are even unable to take new jobs!”

Poon, who has over 30 years of experience in corporate marketing with various companies including multinationals, noted that they will look at creating new chapters in the future.

“As the number of Biz On Course members grows, we will eventually have to break up into different groups. In the meantime, we will continue to expand our contacts with other relevant business chambers and associations, both local and overseas, with a view to grow business opportunities for our members.”

One of these alliances came about recently in a tie-up with the Vietnam-Malaysia Business Association (VMBiz), where the 36th Biz On Course game at Palm Garden Golf Club on September 30 saw members rubbing shoulders with leading figures from the Vietnamese business fraternity in Kuala Lumpur as well as representatives from the Vietnam Embassy. Close to 60 golfers took part in the event, with the guest of honour being none other than the Vietnamese ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Dr Le Quy Quynh.

Biz On Course founder Dahniel Poon (right) presenting a souvenir to Van Nguyen of VMBiz

Like all Biz On Course events, the afternoon golf game was preceded by business presentations, meetings and networking sessions.

“We are truly honoured that His Excellency Dr Le Quy Quynh graced the occasion with his presence despite his busy schedule. This shows that he has long-term vision with the big picture in mind and places great importance on business cooperation between Malaysia and Vietnam,” said Poon.

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