Cobra King F8 and F8+ Fairways & Hybrids : FAST & SMART

Cobra’s King F8 and F8+ fairways and F8 hybrids – featuring the industry’s first One-Length Hybrid – are hailed as the brand’s highest-performing and most technologically-advanced ever.

The F8 fairways and hybrids employ Cobra’s patented Dual Baffler Rail system, cutting-edge 360° Aero Technology, premium multi-material construction and Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos.

King F8 Fairways

Designed to provide golfers with high launch and forgiveness, the King F8 fairways incorporate an improved Baffler Dual Rail System with tighter-spaced rails.

The CG is centred between the rails to reduce twisting and upon contact with the turf. Progressive Rail Heights dependent on club loft (shallower in the 3W and taller in the 5W) help ensure consistent turf interaction for sweeping or steeper attack angles. Cobra’s 360° Aero Technology incorporates an innovative system of lightweight aero trips around the perimeter of the face to reduce downswing drag and increase clubhead speed.

The F8 fairways feature a large address profile that increases MOI for more distance and forgiveness on mis-hits, while a shallower face lowers CG for improved launch and speed. Additionally, a back CG weight helps promote a high, forgiving trajectory.

For the first time, Cobra’s mainline fairways feature an ultralight 5-ply Carbon Fibre crown which saves nearly 13g in weight compared to the previous steel version, moving the CG even lower for improved distance and spin performance. The forged 475 Stainless Steel face insert boasts patented E9TM Technology, a variable thickness face construction designed with an elliptical pattern Sweet Zone that creates more hot spots farther away from the centre of the face.

MyFly8 Technology provides a choice of eight loft settings in each of the three different models (3-4, 5-6, 7-8) to fine-tune launch conditions, while a new Smart Pad on the rail system maintains a square clubhead at address. The men’s version is available in Nardo Grey or Black.

The Women’s King F8 fairways come in Black/Lexi Blue and Silver/Raspberry colourways and utilise all the innovative technologies in the men’s models. Higher lofts ranging from 17° to 27° across three models (3-4 FWY, 5-6 FWY, 7-8 FWY) help generate maximum launch for women’s swing speeds.

SRP: Men (Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70 shaft in S and R flexes) RM1,399

         Women (Aldila NV 2KXV 50 shaft in L flex) – RM1,399


King F8+ Fairway

For golfers who prefer tour preferred shaping with excellent workability, the F8+ model provides all of the technologies as the F8 but in a more compact head size that better players prefer.

In the F8+ the CG weight is front-positioned for a more penetrating ball flight to help higher swing speed players prevent ballooning, and to perform better in all weather conditions.

MyFly8 with Smart Pad Technology affords golfers the choice of eight loft settings in each of the two models (3-4 & 4-5) to fine-tune launch conditions and maximise distance while keeping the clubhead square at address. The F8+ fairway comes in Nardo Grey only.

SRP: Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75 shaft (XS, S, R flexes) – RM1,399


King F8 and F8 One Length Hybrids

The new King F8 hybrids utilise Cobra’s Baffler Dual Rail System and Multi-Directional Crown Aero Technology to provide more speed, forgiveness and versatility than ever before.

Like the F8 fairways, the taller and tighter-spaced rails on the F8 and F8 One hybrids provide more leading edge bounce to help the club stay lower to the ground for more consistent launch from a variety of lies. The multi-directional aero trips on the crown made of lightweight polymer help optimise aerodynamic performance while maintaining a lower CG for more clubhead speed.

A sleeker clubhead design features a lowered skirt and a shorter, skinnier hosel for an extremely low CG, while a fixed weight positioned low and back results in a high ball flight. Four lofts are available – 2H (17°), 3H (19°), 4H (22°) and 5H (25°).

The F8 One Length hybrid allows golfers to utilise one set-up and one swing from their hybrids down to their irons. To achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length, lie and swing weight, the unique design of the F8 One hybrid features an upright lie angle and a heavier head weight. A larger internal weight pad allows the CG to be moved lower and deeper resulting in a higher trajectory. Available in three lofts – 3H (19°), 4H (2°) and 5H (25°).

Both the men’s models come in Nardo Grey, while the Women’s F8 hybrid is available in Black/Lexi Blue and Silver/Raspberry with low loft options, 4H (22°) and 5H (25°).


F8 Hybrid Fujikura Speeder shaft (S, SR, R flexes) /
Aldila Rogue Pro 75 shaft (S, R, Lite flexes) – RM1,099

F8 One Length Hybrid Fujikura Speeder shaft (S, SR, R flexes) shaft / Aldila Rogue Pro One Length shaft (S, R, Lite flexes) – RM1,099

F8 Women’s Hybrid Aldila Rogue Pro 60 shaft (L flex) – RM1,099

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