Mizuno JPX921 Series Irons: Fab New Family

Japanese clubmaker Mizuno has unveiled the latest evolution of its highly-successful JPX iron series, the JPX921, which is a highly-engineered family of irons developed alongside Mizuno’s comprehensive custom-fitting programme to deliver exceptional performance.

The new family comprises four models: JPX921 Forged (which integrates the power of Chromoly into a full body forged iron for the very first time), JPX921 Tour, JPX921 Hot Metal and JPX921 Hot Metal Pro, with each model engineered to enhance performance for particular swing types.

The JPX921 Forged offers the fastest ball speeds Mizuno has ever produced from a fully-forged iron. The JPX921 Tour blends precision with enhanced stability from off-centre strikes, while the JPX921 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro represent the third generation of Mizuno irons to be crafted from high-strength Chromoly 4140M.

Despite the design differences, each model in the JPX921 family is unmistakably Mizuno in profile and sensation through impact.

JPX921 Forged
Initially applied in Mizuno’s Hot Metal irons, Chromoly made the cross over to Mizuno’s forgings with staggering results in the JPX921 Forged. The integration of Chromoly 4120 allows a clubface up to 0.5mm thinner, which delivers the fastest ball speeds Mizuno has ever produced from a full body forged iron.

Grain Flow Forged HD in Mizuno’s legendary facility in Hiroshima, the JPX921 Forged irons offer an identifiable and unsurpassed Mizuno feel. Additional perimeter weighting with toe bias creates a Stability Frame to maximise results from off-centre strikes, while a 6.4% wider CNC back milled slot further increases stability.

Despite this, the JPX921 Forged irons offer a sleeker, compact profile – a shorter blade length throughout, a beveled training edge and reduced offset. The feel is that of a traditional forged iron as the JPX921 Forged gets noticeably sleeker through the set.

SRP (5-9, P): NS Pro Modus 3 105 steel shafts – RM5,690

JPX921 Tour
The most chosen Mizuno model on tour among non-contracted professionals, the JPX900 Tour and JPX919 Tour were both played to win Major championships. The stunning new JPX921 Tour maintains its predecessors’ fusion of precision and stability – now even thicker behind impact for an enhanced, softer feel, with tour refined short irons for smoother turf interaction.

Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel, the JPX921 Tour delivers an identifiable Mizuno feel. In addition, the Stability Frame with toe bias weighting promotes a longer, straighter and more consistent ball flight, even on off-centre strikes.

The shorter irons feature a narrower sole for improved turf interaction. A thicker cavity pad throughout the set – evolving from Mizuno’s study of vibration patterns – produces a harmonic impact that can be felt for a fraction longer.

With a pearl brush, anti-glare finish, the JPX921 Tour offers the sharper, stripped-back functional look that the modern player appreciates.

SRP (5-9, P): NS Pro NS950GH HT steel shafts / JPX Mi-1 graphite shafts – RM5,290

JPX921 Special Edition Leftie (SEL)
The first left-handed Mizuno JPX Tour iron since its conception in 2016, the JPX921 SEL is built as a combination set with JPX921 Forged long irons (#4 and #5) and JPX921 Tour mid and short irons (#6 to GW). Lofts have been pre-adjusted for perfect distance gapping between the models. Available through custom orders.

JPX921 Hot Metal
The third generation of Mizuno irons to utilise the resilience of Chromoly, the JPX921 Hot Metal delivers Mizuno’s fastest ever ball speeds and a piercingly straight ball flight along with controllable landing angles.

The Hot Metal features Mizuno’s most complex face geometry to date to produce additional energy from the clubface. The Hot Metal Pro version has a more compact profile with reduced offset.

The use of Chromoly 4140M and a re-engineered Cortech face, now 0.2mm thinner across the centre point, creates exceptional ball speeds. This is further enhanced by the Seamless Cup Face with variable thickness sole design, allowing the leading edge to act as a hinge and generate greater flex.

Three additional sound ribs produce a more solid sensation at impact, while extreme perimeter weighting and toe bias in the Stability Frame deliver greater consistency from off-centre strikes.

SRP (5-9, P)
Hot Metal: NS Pro NS950GH HT steel shafts / JPX Mi-1 graphite shafts – RM4,690
Hot Metal Pro: Project X LZ Black steel shafts – RM4,690

All JPX921 irons are available at MST Golf stores through the Mizuno Custom Programme, which provides a comprehensive range of custom fitting options.

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