Sentosa bans plastic water bottles

Aerial view of Sentosa's Serapong Course

Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore has reaffirmed its commitment to its ‘Keep it Green’ environmental campaign by banning the use of plastic water bottles on its golf carts, while installing a number of on-course water stations.

The reduction of the club’s plastic footprint, which is expected to equate to 150,000 water bottles each year, is a continuation of its industry-leading efforts to drive environmental awareness and build upon already established eco-friendly agronomic and operational practices.

“Every little helps,” said Andy Johnston, Sentosa’s general manager and director of agronomy. “We are continually monitoring every aspect of our agronomy programs and operations to ensure we are doing all we can to work in harmony with the environment. The decision to remove all plastic bottles from golf carts will allow us to considerably reduce our plastic usage and take another positive step in demonstrating what is possible if golf clubs commit to simple measures.”

Sentosa Water Station

Sentosa’s agronomic practices have long utilised the most sustainable methodologies and maintenance programmes, demonstrated best in the reconstruction of the New Tanjong course.  Over the course of an extensive redesign, the club took a number of steps to reduce the environmental impact, including the creation of a temporary nursery to facilitate the relocation of more than 260 palm trees, the installation of six reservoirs-cum-water features to ensure self-sufficient irrigation and the re-use of concrete from old cart paths.

“The future of the golf industry requires clubs, owners and managers to understand more about what can be done to neutralise and enhance the environment,” continued Johnston. “I hope that Sentosa serves as inspiration in this respect as we continue to find new ways to benefit the environment. From taking food wastage and working it back into the ecosystem to introducing bees into the community, there is a long list of small changes we are implementing and we hope other clubs can make that, when combined, can have a lasting and sustainable impact.”

Sentosa introduced its ‘Keep it Green’ campaign at the SMBC Singapore Open in January, where stars of world golf voiced their praise of Sentosa’s approach to sustainability. Further activity at the inaugural Women’s Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship and the LPGA Tour’s HSBC Women’s Champions provided opportunities for the club to promote its practice to a global audience.


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