Srixon ZX Woods: Game-Changing Distance

Hone in, stay centred, concentrate – these swing thoughts that bring success off the tee also provide clarity to driver design. And much like a fierce competitor absorbed by the quest for victory, Srixon’s new ZX Woods obsess over one thing: speed.
Equipped with Srixon’s all-new Rebound Frame, the ZX Woods help golfers focus energy at impact for awe-inspiring carries and distance.

Rebound Frame
The Rebound Frame is not just a new face, it’s an entirely new way to engineer a golf club and for more efficient energy transfer from the clubs to the golf ball.
Srixon’s engineers created the revolutionary design by layering alternating zones of stiff and flexible material in a concentric pattern, starting with an extremely flexible face built of exotic Ti51AF Titanium alloy. Surrounding that face is a stiffened perimeter, followed by an additional ring of thin, flexible material. Lastly, an internal rib structure adds rigidity to the rear of the club, providing a stable platform for the entire system.

Each of these zones has a role to play in maximising the amount of energy that’s transferred from the driver to the golf ball at impact. Together, the face and the frame act like a spring within a spring, transferring even more energy from the clubhead to the golf ball. This compounded energy transfer is far more efficient than other drivers.
Rebound Frame technology is featured across the entire ZX Woods family, on the drivers, fairways and hybrids, so golfers can add speed and distance to the entire top of the bag.

ZX Drivers
The new ZX Drivers bring speed and power to the forefront with revolutionary distance technology. But they’re also the most stable, most forgiving drivers from Srixon to date. With strong guidance from the brand’s professional staff, this latest generation performs like it was born on tour – because it was.

In addition to the Rebound Frame, both the ZX5 and ZX7 driver models feature a strong but lightweight carbon weave crown. 15% larger than previous generations, this carbon crown repositions mass low, deep and around the perimeter, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness on every shot.
The significantly higher MOI – totalling more than 5,000g/cm2 in the ZX5 – results in greater control even on off-centre strikes. With direct feedback from tour players, Srixon refined the shape of the ZX drivers. Flatter, shallower and straighter, these new head shapes inspire confidence for highly skilled players.

ZX5 Driver: Total Confidence
With a rounded crown and shorter skirt, the ZX5 driver combines great looks, feel, and sound with an extremely forgiving launch and confidence-inspiring address view. A larger footprint and flattened shape with triangular rear profile, along with a single 8g sole weight placed low and deep for high MOI, make the ZX5 ideal for straight drives that launch high and carry far.

Performance: High Launch / Straight Shot Shape / Extremely Forgiving
Features: High MOI Design / Adjustable Hosel Sleeve / Rear Weight

ZX7 Driver: Total Control
With a flattened crown and a taller skirt, the ZX7 driver generates penetrating flight while providing golfers with adjustability features to choose their desired launch conditions. With a rounded rear profile, adjustable hosel and two swappable rear weights, golfers can easily produce the shot shape that fits their style, course, and even their moods!

Performance: Penetrating Launch / Adjustable Shot Shape / Forgiving
Features: Symmetrical Design / Adjustable Hosel Sleeve / Adjustable Heel and Toe Weights Adjustability

The ZX5 comes with one 8g sole weight. To adjust swing weight, swap the sole weight with any of the additional available weights, while the ZX7 driver comes with one 4g and one 8g sole weight. To favour a draw shot shape, place the 8g weight in the heel position and the 4g weight in the toe. For a fade, place the 8g weight in the toe position and the 4g weight in the heel. Both ZX5 and ZX7 put you in control with adjustable hosels that allow golfers to tune face angle, lie angle and loft to create the perfect combination.

ZX Fairway Woods
The new ZX fairway woods boast as much power off the deck as they do off the tee, giving you speed and distance wherever you need it. In addition to the Rebound Frame which increases ball speed and distance, the ZX fairways are designed with a Cannon Sole where a forward-leaning weight pad and flexible sole work together to maximise ball speed and optimise launch. The 3W and 3+W utilise a lightweight carbon crown to reposition mass low, pushing MOI up and increasing forgiveness. A stepped crown lowers the centre of gravity, optimising launch and increasing MOI for more forgiveness and more consistency, shot to shot.
Models: 3+W (13.5°), 3 (15°), 5 (18°), 7 (21°)

ZX Hybrids
The ZX hybrids are players’ clubs, featuring a compact yet powerful design in a smaller head shape. Combined with a square toe, the hybrids inspire confidence at address. Like the entire ZX Woods range, the ZX hybrids boast Rebound Frame for increased ball speed and distance on every shot. The smaller footprint, straight face angle, and squared-off toe will suit a skilled player’s eye, inspiring confidence as they address even the most challenging shots. Meanwhile, a stepped crown lowers the centre of gravity, optimising launch and increasing MOI for more forgiveness and greater consistency on all shots.
Models: 2H (16°), 3H (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (25°), 6 (28°)

Premium Shafts & Grips
ZX Woods come standard with the mid-launch, mid-spin Mitsubishi Chemical DIAMANA ZX shaft for optimal playability. The clubs are fitted with the Srixon Tour Velvet 360 grip which has less intrusive logos along with a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound and a non-slip surface pattern.

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