XXIO Eleven and XXIO X -eks- Irons: Dynamic Duo

Dunlop Srixon’s premium XXIO franchise has always enjoyed a well-deserved excellent reputation for promoting easy swings and greater distance since it was introduced two decades ago. XXIO has been the top seller in the Japanese market for 19 years running*.
The 11th generation XXIO clubs take these features to new levels while introducing an all-new model in XXIO X (‘X’ here representing the alphabet ‘eks’), catering for golfers who are still able to make full and solid swings but are looking for clubs that are easy to hit.
Weight Plus Technology: The 11th generation XXIO focuses on the ‘Top of the Swing’, resulting in the newly-developed Weight Plus Technology which concentrates the weight of the club in the hands. This helps golfers maintain the wrist cock while creating a highly stable ‘power position’ at the top, thereby increasing swing speed and consequently distance. In extensive testing, the average distance gain by XXIO Eleven irons over the preceding model is 3.3 yards.


The XXIO Eleven Iron features a new four-piece design for more easy distance with incredible forgiveness. The body is separate from the titanium face, allowing for greater engineering flexibility in increasing repulsion while optimising the CG position.
The innovative Twin Groove design introduces an additional groove on the inside of the face, which is twice as deep as the existing groove. This increases deflection of the sole at impact to enhance the repulsion of the entire face, delivering more carry distance with greater consistency, even on low hits.

Material: Face – Titanium (Super-TIX 51AF) / Body – 630 stainless steel (with high density tungsten-nickel inner weights in the 5-7 irons)
Construction: Face – Milled insert / Body – Lost wax precision casting

Finish: Mirror+ Ceramic-shot+Stain + Lazer
Grip: XXIO Eleven Original Weight Plus Full Rubber Grip (with XXIO log

Shafts: Graphite XXIO MP1100 / Steel NS Pro 860GH DST for XXIO


The XXIO X Iron has a two-piece construction and a composite resin plaque which create a soft, forged feel and sound at impact while promoting forgiveness and consistency.
The Speed Groove Face design sees a groove on the inside of the face which increases the deflection of the entire face and improves repulsion performance. The V-shaped sole has more bounce compared to XXIO Eleven, thus enhancing turf interaction for golfers who have a steeper swing path.

Material: Face – HT1770 / Body – S25C soft steel
Construction: Forged         
Finish: Mirror+ Ceramic-shot+Stain + Lazer
Grip: XXIO X Original Weight Plus Full Rubber Grip (with XXIO logo)

Shafts: Graphite Miyazaki AX1 / Steel NS Pro 860GH DST for XXIO

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