XXIO X Driver : Experience Easier Distance

Set to hit stores on the 9th of this month, Srixon’s new XXIO X (Ten) driver headlines the 10th generation of the hugely successful XXIO series.

The tagline for the XXIO X series is ‘Experience Easier Distance’, achieved through True-Focus Impact Technology which enlarges the sweet spot and helps golfers square the clubhead at impact.

Two XXIO X driver models are available to suit differing styles and preferences – the navy-coloured regular model generates a high trajectory and the slightly heavier, black Miyazaki model produces a more penetrating flight. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 generation, the XXIO X driver generates five yards more distance with the regular model and three yards additional distance with the Miyazaki model*.

In a perpetual search for new technologies to increase distance, forgiveness and ‘exhilarating impact sound’, the XXIO series evolved with each generation and has been the No 1 seller in Japan for 17 consecutive years since debuting in 2000**.


A proprietary digital simulation technology, termed ‘Digital Impact’, is used to analyse the motion of clubs and the human body during the swing. Since the seventh generation XXIO 7 series, these study results have been implemented in actual product designs to help golfers increase swing speed and improve swing path.

Putting more focus on off-balanced body motion that results in inconsistent impact points on the clubface, the XXIO X incorporates the new True-Focus Impact Technology – a synergy effect between the newly-developed Smart Impact Shaft that promotes consistent body motion to tighten impact point dispersion, and the new High-Energy Impact Head that maximises COR performance at the sweet spot. The XXIO X model increases the chance of hitting the ball on the sweet spot by 14% (from 59% to 73%) compared to the previous model*.

Smart Impact Shaft: The new, lightweight shaft incorporates a self-developed shaft bend profile to hold the release through impact. By helping golfers keep the downswing path close to the body through impact with greater shaft flexibility, the forward force which acts on a golfer’s body is reduced by 5% compared to the previous model. This increases impact efficiency and distance, while tightening impact dispersion pattern by 28%*.

The regular model is fitted with the XXIO MP1000 graphite shaft while the Miyazaki model comes with the Miyazaki Waena graphite shaft.

High-Energy Impact Head: The newly-developed clubhead design expands the high repulsion area across the face, achieved by a crown that is thinner at the toe and heel, a face that is thinner at the upper and lower portions as well as the toe area, and a sole groove. This results in a 34% larger high-repulsion area (COR area) compared to the previous model based on where golfers feel that they hit the ball on the sweet spot*.

While retaining the proven characteristics of XXIO such as easy launch, forgiveness and an exhilarating impact sound, the XXIO X delivers the highest COR performance in the history of the series.


High COR, low CG for easy launch and exhilarating impact sound are the three basic design concepts of the XXIO driver head, and that continues to evolve with the new driver.

Optimal weight distribution and CG location: A higher MOI and a lower and deeper CG position is achieved through weight redistribution via three design features: a crown which is 2g lighter than the previous model, the repositioning of the weight (integrated with the plaque) 10mm towards the back of the head, and a shallow-back design which also promotes higher launch and lower spin.

Sound-Rib: Installed in the full-titanium body, this design creates the signature XXIO high-pitched impact sound that inspires confidence in the user while creating fear in others.

Longer club length and lighter weight: The regular model is 45.75” long (0.25” inches longer than the previous model) while the total club weight is 270g (2g lighter than the previous model for R-flex shaft), helping golfers generate higher swing speeds with greater playability. The Miyazaki model provides enhanced playability as the total weight is 294g, which is 5g lighter than the previous model (for S-flex shaft).

MP1000 graphite shaft: This new lightweight shaft is one of the key elements of True-Focus Impact Technology, which reduces the force that acts on a golfer’s body during the swing. The original shaft construction (developed by Srixon) features alternate straight and hoop layers and this is combined with the lightweight Toray T110G (co-developed with Toray Industries) in the bias layer to optimise bend profile. The flexible yet strong shaft promotes a consistent swing for tighter impact patterns.

Miyazaki Waena graphite shaft: Designed for golfers who prefer a relatively heavier club with a more penetrating trajectory, the Miyazaki model has a Waena graphite shaft that features the same technologies to tighten impact dispersion (Waena means ‘middle’ in Hawaiian.)

SRP: RM2,990
Available in stores December 9 (left-hand and ladies models to be launched in January 2018)

*Tests conducted by Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

**YANO Research Institute Ltd. survey by sub-brand, based on aggregate over-the-counter sales at major retailers in Japan

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