Grindworks Forged Milled Plus One Putter : Plus One Perfection

The new Grindworks Forged Milled Plus One putter is a sleek, high-end putter made using the best materials and manufacturing processes for classy looks and superb feel.

“We did extensive research on the many putters already in the market and came to the conclusion that the Ping Anser design was still considered one of the best and was favoured by a large number of golfers. This style putter can be soft and delicate but can be designed using weight in the heel and toe to improve consistency and ease of use,” said Kiyonari Niimi, head of product development & global sales, Grindworks.

“However, as a golf club developer, we would not be satisfied with simply using a common putter shape. We wanted to take the design a step further. We spent many months testing different materials and processing methods and, after a year, we finally settled on using JIS SUS303 – a flexible and high performance stainless steel that is also durable and consistent,” he added.

The manufacturing process begins from the ingot which is CNC machined to take its shape. An extra step, a ‘Plus One’, is then incorporated into the process – the SUS303 material is forged using controlled heat treatment to soften the material. It is then forged a second time in order to discharge excess carbon, which softens the head even more.

The forged material is taken back to the CNC machine to produce a precise and beautiful putter. The face features a deep crescent groove milling, which helps prevent side spin and softens contact with the ball.

“We believe that creating the best putter takes time and effort and we have gone through a long process to achieve something unique and special, our Grindworks Forged Milled Plus One Putter,” said Niimi.

The final head weighs 340g and has two 20g weights in the sole, which totals up to a nice and heavy 380g. The additional weight allows golfers to feel the putter head in their hands and produce a more natural stroke. For golfers who prefer a lighter putter, a 360g option is available featuring two 10g weights.

The Plus One putter is available pre-assembled or as a parts kit for golfers who prefer to finish the putter to their liking. Golfers can also purchase a satin black gift box with velour lining.


Materials Forged JIS SUS303 – Tungsten Weights

Finish Electrostatic IP

Shaft 122g Stepless Steel Shaft

Head Weight 380g (2 x 20g) / 360g (2 x 10g)

Lie/Loft 72° / 3°

Length/Swing Weight Custom

SRP: RM3,200

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