PRGR Super Egg Driver : Super-Repulsion Power

Bespoke Japanese equipment makers PRGR have unveiled their new high-repulsion Super Egg driver, boasting a super-high coefficient of repulsion (COR) of 0.86* and a wide high-repulsion area.

The high repulsion is created by a number of power-centric design features, including the power flange structure on the crown which minimises deformation and the power groove on the sole which increases the COR by concentrating the flexion at the bottom of the clubhead. The high-strength beta-titanium face has been trimmed to the absolute limit, while a smooth thickness deviation design enables high-repulsion performance while maintaining durability.

With the face thickness reduced drastically, weight is concentrated at the back of the clubhead to create a deep centre of gravity (CG) and a large CG angle.

A subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Corporation, PRGR Co Ltd was formed in 1983 and was the first company to produce a composite driver in 2003.

SRP: RM4,890 (available at MST Golf outlets)

        *The PRGR Super Egg driver is non-conforming and cannot be used            in competition

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