XXIO X Irons : Easy Distance Irons

The XXIO X irons utilise highly innovative and unique technologies that work together to enhance the size of the sweet spot within each head, while helping golfers improve the consistency of their swing to hit the sweet spot more often.

True-Focus Impact Technology

The XXIO X irons incorporate a new innovation dubbed True-Focus Impact Technology. This is a synergy effect between the newly-developed Smart Impact Shaft, which promotes consistent body motion during the swing to tighten impact point dispersion, and the new High-Energy Impact Head that maximises COR performance at the sweet spot. This helps golfers ‘Experience Easier Distance’ – the tagline for the XXIO X series – by hitting the ball on the sweet spot.

The XXIO X irons also feature stronger lofts, longer club lengths and a deeper CG to combine distance performance with high trajectory. The new irons gain 3.3 yards of distance compared to the previous model, while the chances of hitting the ball on the sweet spot are increased by 11% (from 67% to 78%)*.

Deep CG Performance

Two different high-density tungsten-nickel weights are located towards the back of the thicker sole, while low-density titanium is used for the face to deepen the CG location.

Available in navy and red, the XXIO X irons retain a conventional head shape and the sole is invisible at address. Unlike the excessively wide sole designs adopted by many deep CG irons, this provides a reassuring look at address.

The XXIO series has evolved through nine generations since its debut in 2000 and has been the No.1 seller in Japan for 17 consecutive years**.

* Tests conducted by Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

** YANO Research Institute survey of total over-the-counter sales at major retailers throughout Japan

SRP (6-9, P): XXIO MP1000 graphite shaft – RM6,900

                       NS Pro 870GH DST steel shaft – RM5,800

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