XXIO X Driver : Driver Made Easy

The new XXIO X driver epitomises the tagline for the 10th generation of the hugely successful XXIO series, ie ‘Experience Easier Distance’.

The XXIO X driver incorporates the new True-Focus Impact Technology, a symbiotic effect between the newly-developed Smart Impact Shaft that promotes consistent body motion to tighten impact point dispersion, and the new High-Energy Impact Head that maximises COR performance at the sweet spot. Based on in-house testing, the XXIO X model increases the chance of hitting the ball on the sweet spot by 14% (from 59% to 73%).

Two models are available to suit differing styles and preferences – the navy-coloured regular model which generates a high trajectory and the slightly heavier black Miyazaki model which produces a more penetrating flight. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the XXIO X driver generates five yards more with the regular model and three yards additional distance with the Miyazaki model.*

Smart Impact Shaft
The new, lightweight shaft incorporates a self-developed shaft bend profile to hold the release through impact. The forward force which acts on a golfer’s body is reduced by 5% compared to the previous model, which increases impact efficiency and distance while tightening impact dispersion pattern by 28%.*

The regular model is fitted with the XXIO MP1000 graphite shaft while the Miyazaki model comes with the Miyazaki Waena graphite shaft.

High-Energy Impact Head

The newly-developed clubhead design expands the high-repulsion area across the face, achieved by a crown that is thinner at the toe and heel, a face that is thinner at the upper and lower portions as well as the toe area, and a sole groove. This results in a 34% larger high-repulsion area (COR area) compared to the previous model based on where golfers feel that they hit the ball on the sweet spot.*

XXIO Technology

While retaining the proven characteristics of XXIO such as easy launch, forgiveness and an exhilarating impact sound, the XXIO X delivers the highest COR performance in the history of XXIO. A higher MOI and lower and deeper CG position is achieved through weight redistribution, while the Sound-Rib installed in the full titanium body creates the signature, confidence-boosting XXIO high-pitched impact sound.

The regular model is 45.75” long (0.25” inches longer than the previous model) with a total club weight of 270g (2g lighter than the previous model for R-flex shaft), helping golfers generate higher swing speeds with greater playability. The Miyazaki model’s total weight is 294g, 5g lighter than the previous model (for S-flex).

*Tests conducted by Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

SRP: RM2,990

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