Wilson Staff Duo Soft Balls : New & Improved

The 2018 version of the Wilson Staff Duo Soft, the world’s lowest compression golf ball, hits the shelves this month with a host of design enhancements.

The industry’s lowest 29-compression golf balls are not only the softest, longest and straightest, but are now even longer and more durable,” said Frank Simonutti, Wilson’s global director of golf ball innovation. “With a 3% larger core for increased ball velocity and a softer, thinner sodium/zinc ionomer cover for optimal distance and durability, this newly formulated two-piece golf ball provides low driver spin, exceptional yardage and unparalleled soft feel to the distance player.

Additionally, the optimised dimple pattern has reduced dimple depth by 5.7%, resulting in higher trajectory and longer distance performance. These enhancements give Duo Soft the best feel, longest distance and the lowest spin leading to straightest flight off the tee in testing against all competitive premium two-piece balls.”

SRP: RM98 per dozen

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