Yamaha 2018 RMX Series : Energy With Edge

Yamaha Golf’s new 2018 RMX Series offers a full line-up designed to increase velocity and trajectory consistency to give golfers an edge.


The 2018 RMX driver features a Head Turn Energy Design that delivers more energy by shifting the face centre, based on the principle that the further the point of impact from the shaft axis, the greater the impact energy. The Super Dual-Powered Body II design stores and releases energy more efficiently due to greater face deflection produced by additional slits in the soles. Straight Flight Design creates a higher MOI and improves trajectory consistency by 25%.*

Fairway Woods & Utilities

The 2018 RMX fairways and utilities feature a low-CG design and high-efficiency impact shape for more piped shots and greater flight distance. The Straight Flight Design sees inner weights placed in the toe and heel to enhance the transverse MOI, improving trajectory consistency by 20%.* The Fricoff sole is shaped to reduce ground contact and improve impact efficiency.


The 2018 RMX irons feature an Active Sole that provides excellent sweep, thanks to a fresh design with harder rounding on the toe and heel. Straight Flight Design improves trajectory consistency in all three models – the RMX 018 Tour with sharper edges and even more delicate feel, the RMX 118 which is a soft forged iron, and the RMX 218 designed for distance with forgiveness.

* Yamaha testing compared to previous models

Driver – RM2,950 / Fairway – RM1,590 / Utility – RM1,390 /
218 Irons – RM6,800 (Graphite), RM6,399 (Steel) /
118 Irons – RM4,950 (Steel) / 018 Irons – RM5,100 (Steel)


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