Honma Beres 06 Series : Premium Performance

Honma has launched their latest Beres series, comprising the S-06 woods, U-06 utilities and IS-06 for their forged irons. The 06 models replace and improve on the preceding line launched by the premium Japanese clubmaker in 2016.

Beres S-06 Woods

Numerous improvements have been introduced in the new Beres S-06 driver, making it even more forgiving and easier to use through an expanded face that enlarges the sweet spot. The most notable new feature is Key Groove Technology, an expanded channel stretching from toe to heel to promote higher ball speed on off-centre hits.

The ARMRQ-X shaft works with the clubhead to create what Honma terms a progressive ‘Star Performance System’ for optimal distance and trajectory.


Beres U-06 Utilities

The Beres U-06 hybrid combines versatility, distance and forgiveness with Honma’s master craftsmanship, delivering premium performance in a classy-looking club.

The clubhead has a shallow back shape, deep centre of gravity and large weight angle – created by a 12g weight positioned on the heel – which promotes greater forgiveness along with a high and penetrating ball flight.

Beres IS-06 Irons

The stunning Beres IS-06 irons reflect Honma’s commitment to the craft of clubmaking, where beauty and performance co-exist. Handcrafted by Honma’s master craftsmen, the IS-06 irons are made from premium materials and are loaded with performance-based innovations.

Slot Technology and an advanced face structure combine to promote higher launch, more distance and greater forgiveness. The new irons generate a higher trajectory than the previous generation thanks to a new wide L-cup face structure, which promotes a trampoline effect for longer carry distance.


The new ARMRQ-X shaft is lighter than the previous model and has been strengthened on the grip side and softened in the centre, which yields higher launch angles and increased stability and control. The 10-axis carbon fibre wrapped shaft utilises the most advanced materials in golf today.

For the irons, the shafts feature a weight flow design developed for consistent feel throughout the set.



SRP (2-Star / 3-Star / 4-Star / 5-Star):

Beres S-06 Driver – RM3,790 / RM5,100 / RM8,450 / RM21,100

Beres S-06 Fairway – RM2,100 / RM2,500 / RM6,300 / RM21,100

Beres U-06 Hybrid – RM2,100 / RM2,500 / RM6,300 / RM21,100

Beres IS-06 Irons – RM11,800 / RM20,500 / RM50,500 / RM168,800

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