Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


The latest generation Titleist Velocity golf balls are designed with proprietary high-speed technology to deliver even more distance on every shot in the bag.

The 2018 Velocity has been re-engineered with a softer high-speed core and Titleist’s fastest cover blend to deliver extremely low spin and fast ball speed off the tee. Advanced aerodynamics produce a high flight on all shots to enhance distance and help golfers stop the ball closer to the hole.

Everything we do with Velocity is to generate speed and distance,” said Michael Mahoney, vice president, Titleist golf ball marketing. “When we spoke to Velocity golfers at the beginning of the development process, they told us they wanted even more distance, especially off the tee. Our R&D team responded with new core technology and the fastest cover of any Titleist golf ball on the market to give them that added advantage.”

Performance/Technological Features

Longer distance through high speed, extremely low spin and high flight on all shots.

The softer, high speed LSX core produces fast initial velocity with extremely low spin for deep downrange distance on all full swing shots.

A new, faster NaZ+ cover provides higher ball speed for longer distance.

A spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design optimises Velocity’s aerodynamic performance, producing high flight and long carry for shots that fly far and land more softly on the green.

With the introduction of new high-visibility colour options – VISI-White, Velocity Orange and Velocity Pink – the power of Velocity is also packed with personality.

We’ve seen an increasing preference among golfers in general to play products that they truly identify with and colour is a big part of that,” said Michael Fish, Titleist golf ball product manager. “We’re confident these new colour options combined with the improved performance of Velocity will only make the game more enjoyable for these golfers.”

SRP: RM160 per dozen

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